Project Description


Triplex plunger pump in line

  • Pump body : aluminium alloy

  • Symmetric crankcase featuring top and bottom fixing for easy right to left shaft conversion

  • Head: stainless steel

  • Camshaft: forged steel

  • Splash lubrication

  • Shaft support tapered roller bearings oversized for long duration

  • Connecting rods: steel with thin-shell bearings

  • Guiding piston: stainless steel

  • Solid ceramic plungers

  • Stainless steel suction/delivery valve

  • Seals: high dependability

  • Versions in direct drive mount or with side gearbox available in 3 gear ratios and positionable on the right or left of the pump at 0° – 45° – 90° – 135° – 180° from the horizontal plane (see drawing)

Routine maintenance includes easy operations such as: oil check & change, check and possible replacement of seals.

PULSE system on request

Max Inlet pressure: 3 bar – 43,5 p.s.i.

Oil Capacity: 4.43l – 80W 90

Performances refer to theoretical delivery with 100% volumetric efficiency. For continuous or heavy-duty use, contact our technical department