Project Description


  • Pump body: anodized aluminium alloy
  • Symmetric crankcase featuring top and bottom fixing for easy right to left shaft conversion
  • Head: stainless steel
  • Camshaft: steel
  • Splash lubrication
  • Shaft support bearings oversized for long duration
  • Connecting rods: special anti-friction light alloy
  • Guiding piston: stainless steel
  • Solid ceramic plungers
  • Suction/delivery valves in rilsan
  • Seals: high dependability
  • Versions in direct drive mount with shaft positionable on the right or left or through shaft.

Double shaft version available on request

Flushing system available on request

PULSE system on request (only with brass head)

Max Inlet pressure: 3 bar – 43,5 p.s.i.

Oil Capacity: 2,51 l 15W 40

Performances refer to theoretical delivery with 100% volumetric efficiency. For continuous or heavy-duty use, contact our technical department

Connection Kit

Connection kit cl pumps